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Glow Up All Over Highlighting Spray - “Prized Possession”

Glow Up All Over Highlighting Spray - “Prized Possession”

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Take your glow to the next level with these gorgeous highlighter sprays! These beautiful sprays contain micro-fine pigments that leave a gorgeous sun kissed shimmer to the skin. They also contain nourishing skin ingredients like Japanese Seaweed Extract and Evening Primrose Oil to refresh, rejuvenate, and hydrate the skin - designed to restore your skins youthful glow!


You can use these sprays underneath your makeup to prep your skin, set your makeup into place, or refresh your makeup throughout the day. Use on bare skin for a supple and glowing effect.


Spray all over the body for a light hydrating iridescence. Gorgeous on the décolleté area and legs.


This is the must-have product of the summer season! And with the light coconut scent, you’ll feel like you’re at the beach anytime of the year!